Gorgeous, gorgeous work!
Cathy Jenkins(non-registered)
Amazing photos Miguel
This is an awesome site Miguel. Truly. I can see the beauty in what was before you when you took these photos. No one can paint a canvas like our Creator and you have captured it beautifully.
Rogerio Ribas da Costa(non-registered)
Amazing shots Miguel. Congrats!
Marietta Massalone(non-registered)
Miguel .What a beautiful Page . So Happy I stopped by to take a look
I love the sunflowers and butterflies. The cute reptile looks friendly enough to become a family pet :)
Each of the photos are worthy of screen savers. Each takes me to a place of calmness and peace pausing for a bit to enjoy and escape into the beauty of the photos
The website looks absolutely amazing. You have some beautiful shots that share your unique perspective on wildlife as well as landscapes. Great job! It is clear that you love what your doing. Cant wait to see as your gallery grows from all of your adventures.
Miguel what a great job you have done!!! I love your work.
Awesome site, Miguel! Very personal and informative.
Beautiful work. Love the captured fleeting moments, the tenderness. You SEE, quietly observe, and record ...
Thanks for sharing!
Your pictures are so unique! I saw what you went through to get just the right pictures for Mark and Katy and you exceeded anything I could imagine.....your combination of black/white and colored pictures, angular shots and those moments that look like you were privately there for a special, quiet moment touched my heart and WOW did you capture their love!!!!

I sing your praises!!!

Mark and now Katy's mom, Pegi
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